Denim: A Play

Sprint Activities and Accomplishments

This sprint served as the research backbone for the writing of a new play with music about the history of denim jeans, their connection to the gold rush and the ways in which jeans have become a metaphor (accurately or not) around the world for ideas of American democracy and classlessness. The library team searched, collected, and curated a Zotero library of pertinent historical and archival materials to serve as background and inspiration for the writing process. The library team also identified archives of particular interest to the researchers, oriented the researchers to on-site archival research, and assisted in the planning of an upcoming trip to California.

Location: University of Minnesota

Faculty PI: Lisa Channer, Associate Professor, College of Liberal Arts, Department of Theatre Arts and Dance

Libraries Team: Sarah Jane Brown, Kate Hujda, Linnea Anderson, Rafael Tarrago, Nancy Herther

Research Assistants: Matt Boerst (Theatre student), Lena Figlear (Theatre student), David Melendez (PhD student, Dramaturg), Savannah Reich (Playwright), Dan Dukich (Composer)