Data Expedition

Data Expedition

Sprint Activities and Accomplishments

We started with curating a set of open science datasets focused on information from the Arctic and Antarctic, recording metadata for each dataset and tagging its location and category. Each downloaded dataset has an accompanying Google doc with data transformation description and potential inquiry questions.
After exploring several visualization options, we designed the instructional approach and created a prototype of a website that would guide the students through a flexible “choose your own adventure” data expedition. In addition to this, we created a set of accompanying documents, including instructions for processing datasets and tutorials on creating data representations and transforming data.

Location: University of Minnesota

Faculty PI: Dr. Bodong Chen, Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, CEHD

Libraries Team: Mariya Gyendina, Melinda Kernik, Ryan Mattke, Carolyn Bishoff, Franklin Sayre, Lindsay Matts-Benson, Shane Nackerud, John Barneson

Research Assistants: Daniel Hanson

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