Black Identity Development

Black Identity Development

Sprint Activities and Accomplishments

The team created a group Zotero folder for all materials, and identified two categories of newspapers: National Newspapers and Black Newspapers. From there, we created custom searches in ProQuest for each category and ran searches in both categories, importing results into Zotero. For the literature, the team identified major works and hand-searched to add to Zotero. They developed a scoping review search protocol and ran it in PsycINFO, Sociological Abstracts, and International Index of Black Periodicals. The results were imported to Zotero folders. IIBP search interface required hand-searching. The team also identified major scales and hand-searched to add to Zotero. For the research tree, the team hand-searched to find pivotal works and how they relate to each other. The layout of the webpage was planned and tested Zotero folders with Zotpress and a practice timeline for Research Tree. Then, they created a basic website layout with sections for Literature, Scales, and Newspapers and a Slider Timeline. The team consulted with Shane on next steps for improving the website after the Sprint.

Location: University of Minnesota

Faculty PI: Na’im Madyun, Associate Dean for Undergraduate, Diversity and Equity Programs

Libraries Team: Jenny McBurney, Malaika Grant, Amy Riegelman, Sunshine Carter, Shane Nackerud

Research Assistants: Eskender Yousuf

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